Sell your inventory quickly and easily at the highest price

Automate your sales processes with our online auction platform – maximizing asset recovery and increasing revenues.

Sell your inventory fast & easy against the highest price

How it works


We build your private auction room – using your company’s branding elements, marketing materials and email templates – in the languages of your choice.
We also help you create the optimal set-up for your online auction.


Next, we pilot test your auction room.
Are your auction listings correct? Are we using the right sequencing and strategy?
How else can we attract the right buyers and drive bids higher?


Finally, we monitor and evaluate how your auction room performs inpractice.
And constantly finetune your asset recovery processes – automating and integrating them further into your ERP environment.

A proven track record …

1.3 billion

We’ve auctioned more than $1.3 billion in high‑value items.

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Quick and easy asset recovery

with our online auction solutions …

Minimal time & effort

Zero market cannibalization

Increased revenue

Higher sales velocity


We specialize in helping manufacturers and distributors of high value products

with their surplus asset recovery …